Family Sponsors are those who have donated to theatre financially, through prop donations or participated in a sponsorship program.


Distinguished Benefactors

Richard and Patricia Ray

Dr. Donald and Lora Nel Norris

The DeLaGarza Family

The Waites Family

The Kithil Family

The Duncan Family

The Crary Family

Dill Land and Cattle

Azarmehr Emami

Kathi Rich

Regina Watson

Janell Gregerson

Mark Walker

Heather Mazza

Joseph Hartzell

Edward Grisham

Rebecca Hartzell

Darrin Hatch

Kay Stewart

Bobby Cobb

Mertie Tonjes

Felix Guzman



Raider Theatre Benefactors

The Norris Family

The Carreon Family

The McLachlan Family

The Saccone Family

The Alderson and Pike Family

The LeLaux Family

The Mendoza Family

The Ingram Family

The McCain Family

The Bratton Family

The Payne Family

The Hunt Family

The Dommange Family

The Heaton Family

The DelaGarza Family

The Hernandez Family

The Haynie Family

The Gouge Family

The Rupe Family

The Espada Family

The Lukes Family

The Lopez Family

The Adames Family

The McKim Family

Raider Theatre Family Sponsors

Rouse High School Theatre

(512) 570-2000

1222 Raider Way, Leander, Texas 78641

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