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International Thespian Society



TROUPE #7679

2020- 2021 Thespian Officers

President - Lidia Mazza

Vice President - Piper LeLeux

Secretary - Mikayla Stasny

Treasurer - Scott Bratton

Clerk - Grayson Gower

Historian - Brenna Kenney

Social  Officers: Langston Lee and Addison Adames

Thespian Points for Non-Theatre Department Performances, Service to the Department

Points and Active Membership Requirements

Thespian Point Breakdown for Theatre Department Performances and Honor Points


Print your International Thespian Society Membership Forms and turn into Ms. Smith


Pay your International Thespian Society Membership Fees Online!



The Texas Thespians Chapter is an affiliate of the International Thespian Society, an educational theatre honor society. As such, we follow the national model for promoting excellence in middle school and high school theatre departments across Texas.

There are over 500 troupes throughout Texas in public, private and charter schools. If you would like to charter a troupe for your school, you will find all the necessary documents at the International Thespian Society's website.

Membership in the International Thespian Society offers numerous benefits for students and their sponsors including:


•Annual subscription to Dramatics magazine (Thespians and troupe directors)

•Annual subscription to Teaching Theatre magazine (troupe directors)

•The right to attend the International Thespian Festival

•Eligibility for International Thespian Society and State Scholarships

•The right to attend the Texas Thespians State Festival

•Assistance in obtaining reduced royalties on plays

•Eligibility to participate in college auditions at the state and national level


Schools that are members of the International Thespian Society (ITS) are automatically members of the Texas Thespians.

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