Rouse High School Theatre Booster Club 

Troupe #7679

The Secret in the Wings 

UIL One Act Play Public Performance 

Wednesday, 3/27 at 7pm & Thursday, 3/28 at 7pm!

$5 cash or credit card admission will be charged at the door.

How to find the Auditorium

Head down Raider Way and past the main entrance of Rouse High School. 

Take a Right turn before the band practice area. 

Park in the parking lot at the end of the road and 

Enter through the school gates. 

The Auditorium is on your Right past the Cafeteria.

The center double doors will be open for all performances. 

We support an amazing, award-winning, one-of-a-kind program!

Langston Lee we are so proud of you! 


The Rouse High School Theatre Booster Club is a parent-run, nonprofit organization that promotes, supports, and assists the Rouse Theatre Program thru fundraising and volunteer efforts that allow our students to participate in enriching, educational, and inspirational theatre activities. 

Being a Booster Club Member allows you to:

Importance of the Booster Club

The Booster Club helps fund the Rouse High School Theatre Program. Our involvement is vital and necessary for the Theatre Department to be able to produce such amazing shows. Thru our efforts, we pay for at least half of each production's budget and we create the atmosphere that guests walk into at each production. But that can't be done without your help! 

We are always in need of volunteers and donations of any kind are always welcome and greatly appreciated!

For each show we:

Rent Stage Lighting, 

Rent Sound Equipment,

Assist in the payment for all royalities and score rentals

Pay for Costumes, 

Pay for Makeup,

Pay for Choerography, 

Pay for Props, 

Pay for Advertising, 

Buy & deliver meals for Cast & Crew,

Pay for dry cleaning,

Run the Concession Stand,

Manage flower and spirit gear sales,

Manage ticket sales, 

Volunteer and decorate the Auditorium Lobby, 

Volunteer to help guests have an amazing experience. 

Outside of shows we:

Assist in the payment of transportation of cast and crew to competitions

Donate snacks for after-school rehearsals,

Volunteer for each time we host a UIL One Act Play Competition

Plan, design and pay for the end of year banquet, 

Rent a box truck to transport sets,

Pay for awards, 

Volunteer at Rouse of Torment

Volunteer to run the concession stand at Homecoming

Volunteer to buy supplies for the concession stand

Deliver meals to the cast, crew and judges

Order and sell Spirit Gear 

Organize Spirit Nights

How We Do It and How You Can Help

Volunteers are necessary! The more the merrier, and many hands make light work!

Funding is also a must. We have 2 major things that help pay for the amazing theatre program.

#1. Fundraisers, 

#2 Advertising.

These two items make up 3/4th of our budget!

The remainder comes from

Restaurant Spirit Nights

Selling Spirit Gear, 

Selling Show flowers, and the 


and the Framed, Autographed Show Poster Auction. 

You can help by

Become an Approved Volunteer

All volunteers must be approved by LISD. Click here to apply or renew your application.