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Booster Club 

2022-2023 Officers

What it means to become a member:

The purpose of the Theatre Booster Club is to promote enthusiasm, team atmosphere and provide for the full professional development and coordinated effort of a growing, high quality theatrical program at Rouse High School.  Being an RHS Theatre Booster Club Member also gives you the right to the following:

•vote for proposed budgets

•vote for booster club bylaws

•vote for incoming officers

•receive email announcements, all non members will not receive email reminder, newsletter publication

dates or upcoming information

•receive priority opportunities to attend theatre events such as field trips to theatres once students have

completed purchasing their seats

•meet new friends and have fun volunteering for one shift during a production, receives up to 2 reserved

seats per volunteerprior to show working at

Many volunteers are needed to make productions and events run smoothly.  Booster volunteers can work at concessions, productions, dances, UIL competitions and more.  We also need help coordinating fundraising events and student/family events.  Booster members are like family and we work together within the RHS Theatre Department as well as being ambassadors of RHS. 

Booster Club Meeting Dates:

  1. Monday, September 13th @ 7pm Theatre   

  2. Monday, October 4th @ 7pm Black Box 

  3. Monday, November 8th @ 7pm Black Box

  4. Monday, December 13th @ 7pm Black Box

  5. Monday, January 10th @ 7pm Black Box

  6. Monday, February 14th@ 7pm Black Box

  7. Monday, April 10th @ 7pm Black Box 

  8. Monday, May 9th @ 7pm Black Box (Officer/Committee Nominations)


New Booster Officers announced at Banquet

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