Booster Club

Mission of the RHS Theatre Booster Club 

The Rouse High School Theatre Booster Club is a parent-run, nonprofit organization that promotes, supports, and assists the Rouse Theatre Program through fundraising and volunteer efforts that allow our students to participate in enriching, educational, and inspirational theatre activities. 

Being a Booster Club Member allows you to:

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated!

Importance of the Booster Club

To support the Theatre Department and students, Boosters raises 95% of the money used for the productions and other theatre activities. 

We fundraise in order to help theatre pay for:

Show fees include Royalties, Scripts, Licensing, Lights, Sound, Audio Visual, Set Building, Costumes, Hair & Makeup, Choreographers, Coaches, Publicity, Printing Playbill's, Props, Student Meals, Show Shirts, Dry Cleaning, Photographer, Videographer and much more!  

Lobby Ambiance- We want the student's productions to be as impactful as possible so we bring the atmosphere of the play to the lobby and concession stand allowing patrons to get in the mood and build their excitement for the show. 

Assist in the payment of transportation of cast and crew to competitions, clinics and workshops; 

Donate or purchase snacks for after-school rehearsals;

Purchase meals for students; 

Rent a box truck to transport sets;

Pay for the End of the Year Banquet

In addition to fundraising, we volunteer to help theatre with:

Plan, design , and decorate the lobby prior to productions

Plan, design and decorate for the End of the Year banquet

Deliver meals & snacks to the students

Pickup and deliver the items needed for the concession stand and flower sales 

Volunteer during events such as: productions, Rouse of Torment, the Homecoming Dance, One Act Play events, End of the Year Banquet decorations, and class shows. 

During these events we have opportunities for volunteering at our concession stand, as ticket takers, ushers, hand out playbills, create bouquets, and more!

How We Do It 

Volunteers are a (fun) necessity!

Fundraising is key! 

We have 2 major ways that we raise money for the amazing theatre program.

#1 Fundraisers, 

#2 Advertising.

These two items make up 3/4th of our budget!

The remainder comes from:

Booster Club Officers

Amy Mitschke


Ana Galan

Vice President of Fundraising

Kelly Keen

Vice President of Communications

Cassie Adams

Vice President of Membership

Natalie Harrington

Vice President of Purchasing

Liz Cole


Lynae Harrison


Even if you don't feel you have the time to volunteer in a leadership position, we still love the parents who help support the theatre program in some way. 

Booster Committes

Booster Committees

We greatly apprecaite anyone who is willing and able to help the booster club in any capacity! For those who have a talent or passion we highly recommend you joining one of our amazing committees!

Lobby Decor 


Spirit Nights

Spirit Gear

Student Meals




How to find the Auditorium

Head down Raider Way and past the main entrance of Rouse High School. 

Take a Right turn before the band practice area. 

Park in the parking lot at the end of the road and 

Enter through the school gates. 

The Auditorium is on your Right past the Cafeteria.

The center double doors will be open for all performances.