Please note that the doors will close 5 minutes after the show starts. If you arrive late you will need to wait until intermission to enter. The students have worked really hard on these productions and we don't want late attendees to be a distraction. 

Our productions to start on time!

There is no food or drinks allowed in the Auditorium. 

Tickets will be sold at the door but are subject to availability (our musicals typically sell out, so it is best to get these tickets in advance)


The internet connection at the school isn't the greatest. 

Bonus Show Options

Flower Sales: We want to make your life easier so we offer flower sales at most performances these can be purchased along with your ticket sales or at the show. Please pick them up before the show begins. 

Concessions: are offered at most productions, these items can be bought before each show or during intermission. We accept cash, credit card, Apple or Samsung pay. Please note that no food or drink is allowed in the auditorium. 

Well Wishes: for $1 you can leave a well wish for your favorite cast or crew member(s). They are given the well wishes at the end of the production.

Spirit Gear: If you haven't already purchased some spirit gear some options will be available for sale at the concession stand.  

How to find the Auditorium

Head on down Raider Way and pass the front of Rouse High School. 

Take a Right turn before the band practice area. 

Park in the lot and enter thru the gates on your right. 

Walk past the Cafeteria and you will find the Theatre on the right.

The center double doors will be open for all performances. 

Theatre Department Calendar